Tip 8 – Be careful at the cash desk

Then it goes to the cash desk, you will in turn by so-called take-away items such. B. tempted chocolate bars. My eldest son in particular is often tempted here, so I always give him a piece of fruit (an apple or a banana) beforehand. This little trick saves you money and nerves. So that I don’t get tempted myself, I always calculate the cost of my purchase in my head. When I have calculated the amount, I lose my appetite anyway.

Tip 9 – Buy groceries cheaply before the shop closes

Buy cheap food before the shop closes, a tip that a friend gave me and also does: Saturday’s, shortly before the shop closes, he buys bread, fruit and vegetables if there is anything else. Some grocery chains then lower prices so that nothing is left over, and that is precisely why it is possible to buy food cheaply, he says. According to him, up to 50 percent discount is possible. I haven’t tried it myself, Saturday’s are just too many people when shopping. I also believe that you can no longer get everything you have on your shopping list.

Summary and my conclusion

When shopping, you can save a lot of money without having to sacrifice the quality of the food. You just have to plan your shopping and pay attention to the sales tricks of the supermarket chains.

Check 4: luxury products They are called “Deluxe”, “Fine World” and “Premium”, the posh products of supermarkets and discounters. The dealers want to flee the worth war – and earn real money. But are the high-priced products also worth their high price? FOCUS online readers know the trick: Behind the posh brands of the discounters there are often the identical groceries that are on the shelf nearby at half the worth. The self-proclaimed “savings guides” Meier and Glinka are warning against this brand trick for years. The check: land within the pushcart Applesauce (at Edeka) Honey (at Lidl) Cherry yoghurt (at Rewe) The result

Honey at Lidl: The 500-gram jar of the own marketplace for 2.49 euros and also the deluxe mountain blossom honey with 2.99 euros for 250 grams. Cherry yoghurt at Rewe: The “yes” disocunt brand mug costs 29 cents , “best choice” is out there for 44 cents . Two products, two prices? Are you kidding me? Are you serious after you say that! With a glance at the label, Meier and Glinka explain: The content is nearly identical , because the tasting of applesauce shows. the sole difference is that the packaging . the worth for the alleged luxury product remains twice as high. (Display) Use coupons at Otto now and save Warning : Especially before public holidays like Easter or Christmas, the discounters bring “special” products to the markets. For loved ones, the grip on their wallets hurts less – and remains unnecessary.