The color palette

Going to read our ranking, you will realize that high quality products often offer a wider choice regarding colors.

Do not discount the idea of ​​paying a higher price in order to have a foundation that perfectly suits your skin tone, because it is essential to obtain a natural result and avoid the so-called “mask” effect.

To know what is the right color based on the color of your jaw, which is usually an area less prone to redness and discolouration, and adjusted accordingly for the choice of foundation.

Most of the palettes include colors with a yellow or pink undertone: we recommend that you always follow the natural complexion and do not try to correct it with foundation, rather it is better to use ad hoc correctors only on problem areas.

The 5 Best Foundation – 2020 Rankings

Depending on the type of skin and the presence of imperfections, you will need a more or less covering foundation, which in any case is able to perfectly conform to your complexion. To help you make a choice among the hundreds of offers on the market, we have reviewed what we believe are the best foundation of 2020 .

1. REVLON ColorStay, Colorstay Foundation for Oily Skin, 30ml

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Main advantage

It has a high coverage and is able to reduce skin blemishes, suitable mainly for those with oily or semi-oily skin, since it is free of oils, and is able to give a natural opaque effect, without excessively reducing the brightness.

Main disadvantage

It is not suitable for those with dry skin, it could in fact accentuate its dehydration giving it an aged appearance. If you want to use it, however, you should first moisturize your face with a special product.

Verdict 9.6 / 10

The INCI, which stands for International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients, is acceptable. Although it has some unhealthy ingredients, it falls within the average of cosmetic products. At such a low price you will hardly find better.

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Description Main Features


The main factor to consider when buying a foundation is its coverage, or the ability to mask skin imperfections, creating a homogeneous base that is well suited to your complexion.

To choose the perfect foundation, you must therefore have a clear color of your skin which varies enormously from individual to individual in order not to find yourself with embarrassing duotone effects. Revlon provides twelve different colors, thus allowing anyone to choose the product that best suits their needs.

As some users testify, the coverage of Colorstay is high, therefore it allows you to hide red skin and various types of blemishes, with a slightly lighter effect for dark circles that it cannot completely eliminate.

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Excellent packaging

The foundation is found in a liquid state inside a 30 ml transparent glass container. Although glass containers are very fragile, thus forcing users to pay particular attention when carrying them with them in their bags, they also have a clear advantage: allowing you to see the remaining quantity of product.