How to perfume yourself There are many myths around how a fragrance should be worn and where on the body it should be placed.

Regarding the myth that there are perfumes that correspond to the winter season and others to the summer, the expert stressed that this was raised among consumers years ago but now, as in fashion, “anything goes.” “The consumer who pays attention to the seasons chooses citrus, herbal flowers in the summer; and woods, orientals, chypre for the winter. The same with those who choose perfumes for the day and night.” Conti revealed that there are actually two ways to do it: one is the “discreet” and the other is the “expansive”.neck,” he explained. On the other hand, to be perfumed rather in the “expansive” style, the fragrance must go to the parts of the body that have the most movement, such as hair, wrists and even arms. The expert also revealed a secret for the brides: “It is a good idea that the skirt is perfumed because apart from the aesthetic image, the music, they provide a sense that is more olfactory.” On the other hand, Conti confessed that for the perfume to last longer the secret is to keep the skin moisturized, so he advised taking two liters of water daily and using moisturizer. This applies to both women and men. “Applying a common cream, which has no fragrance, before putting on a perfume can fix it more,” he explained and finished: “Health is beauty. Perfumes do not last on dry skin” Women’s perfumes, because each one is a world We have already told you what are the 11 perfumes that you can give for Christmas . Also that a few days ago Aitana Ocaña brought her first cologne to the market . However, we have not yet told you what fragrances you have to order for Christmas, so we show you several to choose the one you like the best according to your personality Tommy Girl perfume by Tommy Hilfiguer For natural women and lovers of the countryside. With citrus notes and wild air. Available in Fantastic LookPaco Rabanne Pure XS Perfume With a touch of vanilla and cream for feminine, provocative and seductive womenChloé Love Story perfume For romantic, elegant and feminine women. A fragrance with a velvety sensation and notes of orange.Good Girl Perfume by Carolina Herrera For modern, empathetic and mysterious women. With a touch of vanilla, lemon, coffee and almond.Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Perfume For sensitive and seductive women with a rock touch. With notes of vanilla, orange and jasmine.Michael Kors perfume A seductive fragrance inspired by the Michael Kors catwalk. With hints of orange, tangerine and white flowersCheap and Chic perfume by Moschino For playful and feminine women. With a wild and fresh touch and floral notes of lily, rose and frssiaAs we imagine you know, perfumes are classified by olfactory families. Generally, when we like a particular perfume that belongs to a floral family, for example, it is very likely that when we change we will go to one that does not fall outside this classification. The main olfactory families are: Aromatic : they are usually mixtures of sage, rosemary, cumin, lavender and other plants. They are combined with citrus notes and spices. Almost all the male colonies belong to this family. Floral : This broad olfactory group encompasses a multitude of floral heart compositions: freshly cut flower, flowers with aquatic, green or powdery accords, in addition to the floral-fruity, floral-sweet and floral with aldehyde varieties. Fruit : peaches, strawberries, pineapples, melon, watermelon and oranges have a place in this family. All the fruits with pulp belong to it. The fragrances of this olfactory group are cheerful and vibrant. That is why they are typical of youth perfumes. Oriental : amber is the dominant note of this olfactory family, to which the warm and sensual colonies belong. Vanilla, resins and woods, combined with spices and exotic flowers are the aromas that this group gives off. Green : this family includes colonies that have an unmistakable aroma of tender leaves and freshly cut grass. Perfumes that evoke the natural, the free and the fresh. Woody : they give off aromas of wood, balm and fresh earth. Aquatic : this group includes fresh, subtle colonies with a clean aroma. Citrus : they combine lemon, grapefruit and tangerine, among other citrus. It is usually a family that gives the base to the colonies that in turn belong to the aromatic family (if they are for men) and the acid family (if they are for women). We each like a specific family based on our personality and this is what makes brands make a difference and be able to target a specific audience through each of their perfumes. Do you already know which family is yours? If so, it will be much easier for you to choose and they will be able to advise you in any perfumery. Log in to hit Christmas!