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Significant Change in Domain Registration: Domain Transfer

All users and companies need the domain name in all transactions such as data flow over the internet, offering goods or services. In short, all kinds of sites that reach people over the internet need a domain name. Even nowadays, websites are generally known by these names and sought after.

The Importance of Domain Name

First of all, if you want to have a professional presence on the internet, you need a certain domain name. The domain name, which is also very important in terms of brand image, helps you reach wider audiences. That’s why you need to think very well when choosing a domain name for your website. You should make sure that the preferred domain name is quickly remembered, easy, and system-friendly. On the other hand, it is very important for people and companies who plan to set up a website or sell products and/or services over the internet to buy a domain that is suitable for the brand they plan to establish. To do this, you need to query the relevant domain name on the Domain Query page of the company you intend to work with.

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After determining the appropriate domain name for your website, you need to register it on your behalf to use it. Domain registration refers to this service and allows you to have the right to use it for a specified period. At the end of the period, if you continue to use it, you must renew your registration.

What is Domain Name Registration Operator?

The domain name purchase can only be made by best email hosting companies affiliated with the US ICAAN consortium. Domain extensions that are internationally valid; .com is known as .net, .org, .biz, .info, .pro, .name, .edu, .gov. In our country, since 1990, METU has been the sole authorized registration institution for “.tr” country coded domain names since 1990, and all its administrative, technical, and sponsoring powers were transferred to the Information and Communication Technologies Authority as of August 2020. With the amendment, it has been announced that individuals and institutions that own the domain name registered on can transfer their domain names to different domain registrars. However, all domain owners managed through Nic.TR must choose a new registry operator.

As a result, while mail365, which has made it a tradition to provide quality and professional services at global standards, provides uninterrupted business continuity with your Cloud and Date Center services; with corporate hosting and domain services, it helps your website to be quickly and continuously accessible and your e-mail traffic will take place without any problems.

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Let’s take a brainstorming before discussing hosting in full length. In this article, what is Hosting, what are the advantages it provides to your institution? We will consider 101 levels. Let’s start slowly. Think, why are you storing your files on your computer’s hard drive? Because you can easily access them anytime you want, right? Great. Let’s consider this for your website. You need a computer to host your website, much like a word file. The difference is that the computer where you host your website needs to be constantly on so that it can be accessible for you and your visitors at any time. You should understand that you should never close the shop. 

Hosting Service with Sins

With a simple definition, hosting is the job of presenting any object or material on the internet. So what are these materials we are talking about? Let’s give an example; every word on the current page is a text material. Every picture is an image, every image is a video, and every sound is a sound material.

These materials are published on systems that are specially produced or edited, which we call the server, and configured to be able to respond quickly and uninterruptedly whenever requested 24/7. This whole broadcast job is called ‘Hosting’. For the general definition of this kind of sectoral or application hosting services, the concept of SaaS, which is widespread worldwide, is used (you can reach our article about SaaS). Therefore, as far as we mentioned above, software and hardware needs are needed to provide all these materials. But our magic word here is ‘internet’.  

 To begin with, solid internet access is required first.

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Reseller Hosting

Of course, if we don’t ring in the uk colocation at the internet point. Internet access needs are structures called Data Center all over the world with specially designed and prepared areas for this job. Truly in Turkey colocation uk has several institutions that can use as a minority. At this point, we can exemplify our institution with justified tolerance. Thanks to the Co-Location service that you can purchase from a data center company, you can connect your server system to the internet in a healthy and fast way. The data center will define your IP addresses.

For example, the IP of is In other words, IP addresses are a unique address of your server in the complex network of the world. So far, we have tried to explain it step by step. So what does cheap email hosting do for your organization? What should you pay attention to while colocation hosting? Etc. we will include the questions in the last article of the series. Continue to follow us…