8 Advantages of using Shopify as a CMS for your eCommerce

Shopify is a CMS in which you can sell your products on the internet with the possibility of designing your online store to your liking without the need for programming knowledge. Although it is not one of the best known, more and more businesses are starting their online store using Shopify. But … How does Shopify work? Are they all advantages?

Simplicity in the creation and management of your online store (and blog if you want). It will be very easy for you to create, customize and prepare your online store to start selling in a short time, and you can also design a blog to promote your store with it.

Possibility to design and customize it to your liking , with more than 100 professional templates with intuitive adjustments and the possibility of creating your own design with html and css. A Shopify expert can help you.

Payment facilities , since they have more than 70 international payment currencies that allow you to sell locally and in other countries.

Automatic tax system , so you don’t have to worry about anything as Shopify automatically takes care of state and country taxes based on location.

You can sell even without having your own product since it integrates with Dropshipping sites with apps like Ordoro, eCommHub or Inventory Source.

Unlimited products that can be varied according to characteristics, with the possibility of importing or exporting products with csv files or one of the apps for importers / exporters in the store.

Unlimited bandwidth , so you don’t have to worry about overpaying depending on the traffic of your store or visitors.

Accept and manage orders in seconds , as you will receive an email or mobile notifications every time you receive a new sale. Clients like the immediacy of the service.

2 disadvantages of using Shopify as CMS for your eCommerce

It has a cost that you have to assume every month, although it is not much, it is also a drawback knowing that there are other CMS that are free or cost much less. The most basic plan costs the equivalent of 26 euros, while the most expensive more than 271 euros. You can do a free trial to see how Shopify works and know the service before hiring it.

In the cheapest payment plans there is a commission for each transaction , so that in addition to the other expenses you may have and pay a fixed fee you have to pay for each product you sell. All plans have a commission for each sale, although the more basic the plan, the higher the commission.

How Shopify works

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Shopify is a widely used CMS to create online stores without the need to hire a web programmer or have extensive knowledge of programming or web design, since you can make your own online store in a few minutes with total ease.